Water Heater Installation, Service & Repair in Murfreesboro,TN

waterheater2Rutherford Plumbing Heating and Cooling services Murfreesboro and the surrounding communities with the highest quality water heater repair in town. We also offer water heater replacement at a very reasonable rate. Our team of water heater experts are experienced and knowledgeable in the servicing of all brands and types of water heaters to meet your family’s individual hot water needs, and budget.



What to Expect From our Murfreesboro Water Heater Repair Service

When our technician arrives at your home he will thoroughly inspect your water heater to diagnose any potential problem areas. Our technician will check to make sure that your water heater is sized properly for your family’s individual needs, as well as installed in accordance to all local building codes. We will flush the water heater to make sure it is free of sediment and mineral build up. We will inspect the water heater’s anode rod for deterioration and perform a visual leak inspection. We will check the water heater’s T&P valve (safety relief valve), and shut of valves, to insure there are no signs of fatigue or corrosion and that they are operating correctly.

We pride ourselves on our fast response when you call, and in most cases we can get your Murfreesboro water heater problems solved with our efficient same day service!

Hot Water Heater System Inspection and Service

Ideally your water heater should be inspected and serviced annually to ensure it is working safely and efficiency. Annual inspections will reduce the risk of damage to your home and can increase the service life of your water heater to as much as twenty years. To keep your Murfreesboro hot water flowing when you need it, Have one of our highly trained water heater experts come by today.


We offer a comprehensive inspection service that includes the inspection of:

  • Hot water heater valvesWater-Heaters edu pic
  • Pilot light for gas water heaters
  • Water heater burner assembly
  • Anodes & dip tubes
  • Flush the water heat to make it free of sludge, and mineral deposits
  • Water heater thermostat controls
  • Upper and lower water heating elements
  • Water heater electrical supply voltage and current
  • Sacrificial anode rod
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Water heater shut off valves
  • Water heater drain valve
  • Water heater exhaust vent

Whether you need a new hot water heater installed, or your water heater serviced or repaired, Rutherford Plumbing Heating and Cooling is here to meet your hot water heater and hot water system needs.

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We offer a comprehensive inspection service that includes the inspection o100% satisfaction guaranteed on all repairs!!!

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